A letter for CH

Dear Mr. CH,

Sorry sorry sorry. Really sorry. Millions sorry.

I do not mean to embarrass you or disappoint you.

I just can't accept you. I really can't.

At least I do with a good way right?

So please do not misunderstand. I do not want the guilt squeezed.

I have my own target. I'm more comfortable focus on one thing.

The most important thing, I was very comfortable and very pleased with my life now.

I will bear an enormous responsibility.

So I want to focus on my career as well as my studies.

For the time being, I do not have time for any relationship, any commitment, or what-so-ever.

You have asked me to spend some time for you every day.

Frankly speaking I do not have 'that time' for you.

Free time that I have just for me to sleep (most important thing in my to do list), watch dramas or  movies, or hang out with my gengs.

You have said that you will wait for me another two years.

But please do not be too hope on me.

Two years is a long time, do not know what will happen later.

Maybe on that time, I am still not ready for any relationship or perhaps I will be with other guy.

Please give up, don't make me feel guilty.


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